The jenny-press is the production vehicle for the artistic and scholarly interests of Jae Jennifer Rossman. She produces unique, limited edition, and open edition works on paper as well as publications by herself and others related to the book arts.

editorial mission

The press was established in 2004 to contribute to the critical discussion of artists' books. The interdisciplinary nature of artists' books is one of their most exciting attributes, and yet it contributed to the lack of critical inquiry and study of the medium in its early days. Falling between the worlds of craft and fine art, literature and visual art, the importance of these works is only now being actively discussed in the world of academe. The jenny-press aims to contribute to this dialogue by publishing essays on issues relevant to contemporary artists' books.

artistic mission

The jenny-press provides a venue for the production and distribution of the print designs and unique works on paper of Jae Jennifer Rossman. She employs line as a way to explore her environment and imagination and to investigate the worlds of nature and pattern & decoration. Rossman's favorite subjects include flowers and leaves, as observed in her garden and in botanical illustrations, as well as man-made decorative patterns inspired from nature, such as rugs and textiles. Rossman keeps a record of her daily visual experiences in her sketchbook and through photography; as she revisits these experiences in the studio, she incorporates her visual notetaking into more meditative works.

Self Portrait on Train

Self portrait on train, December 2012