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Title: At the Turn of the Centuries: The Influence of Early 20th Century Book Arts on Contemporary Artists' Books
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This publication presents the essays of scholars Stephen Bury and Marica Reed and artist Angela Lorenz on the relationship between contemporary and early-twentieth-century bookworks. Originally presentations at a 2007 conference of the same name, At the Turn of the Centuries is a permanent documentation of the presenters’ ideas. The lecture and this publication also honor the late Tony Zwicker, an important advocate of artists’ books.

Stephen Bury considers the text engine as a generative device from Jonathan Swift to Oulipo. Marcia Reed discusses how certain formats, particularly boxes, and methodologies, such as an artist's documentation of their own work or experience, are recurring themes in the 20th century bookworks. Angela Lorenz discusses from the artist's point of view the incorporation of historic and unexpected sources into bookworks.

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